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Best-selling author. Entertaining speaker. Thought-provoking cultural journey.

M.G. Crisci to discuss how and why he has written two books designed to build a deeper understanding between ordinary Russians and Americans. American Embassy, Wednesday, October 23rd. American Center for Democracy, October 24th.


M.G. Crisci is the “atypical” American success story:

∙ A boy from Manhattan, the son of Italian immigrants, becomes an expert in consumer behavior on Madison Avenue and a successful Wall Street entrepreneur. He is elected to Who’s Who in America and the World 20 times.

∙ In semi-retirement he becomes a best-selling author of eight books, including two surprisingly approachable books on Russia, and is currently gathering material for a third.

∙ Using his speaking prowess, his travels, and understanding of human behavior, he develops a passion to improve non-political communications between the ordinary citizens of both countries.

∙ Crisci’s first book, Call Sign, White Lily —the story of the virtually unknown Soviet teenage pilot who became the world’s first female fighter pilot ace reaches number one in the historical fiction section of Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. It is also translated into Russian and called a “must read” by the Russian Cultural Centre.

∙ Crisci’s second release, 7 Days in Russia—The Adventures of One American in Today’s Federation is called “a fascinating travelogue filled with new insights” by San Francisco Book Review.

∙ Awareness grows of Crisci as a “cultural warrior” determined, in some small way, to improve understanding and trust between our two nations.

∙ Crisci pleads his case in appearances at Russian, Ukrainian and American venues in Washington, D.C., the Unit-ed Nations and the International Women’s Air & Space Museum, and is interviewed on Voice of America and Russian radio outlets.

∙ He sets a new goal: to have a Lilia Litvyak multi-media exhibition created and included in Russia’s 70th Anniver-sary Victory Day celebrations in 2015.

DATE: Oct.18.2013 | CATEGORY: Archived