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A heart-warming love story about two soulmates, who survived broken promises and shattered dreams.

Fanny and Charlie, best friends for life.


“Watcha doing, Charlie? asked the beautiful, 7-year old young girl with long brown curls peeking out of her straw hat.

“I’m making you a picture, Fanny,” replied the handsome 8-year old man with drawing a boat in New York Harbor on the sidewalk with chalk.

When the drawing was complete, the couple declared they would be best friends for life. As teenagers, their friendship turned to love. By the age of 20, they became one—soulmates, sharing their hopes, dreams and wishes. Despite these unconditional pledges, life got in the way.

Charlie Magnante did fulfill his professional dream. He became one of the most famous accordionists in the world. Fanny Coscia also lived a rich full life filled with family and friends. But, their love never wavered, finding proper ways to stay in touch, despite their individual up and downs. And, Fanny did get her final wish: to be buried near Charlie in the same cemetery in New York City.

Wonder how I came upon this splendiferous little story? Fanny was my Mom! Before she passed, she asked me to draw her recollection of the picture that Charlie drew on the sidewalk outside 85 Old Broadway in Little Italy, where the Magnantes and Coscias lived.

Mom, I hope you and Charlie, enjoy my drawing up there. By the way, one of the critics called Save the Last Dance, “A great love story. Pure and Simple.” How do you like them apples?

DATE: Jul.23.2018 | CATEGORY: Archived