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Speeches and presentations

For Whom the Bell Has Yet to Toll.

Learn how the life of the world’s first female-fighter pilot, Lilia Litvyak, has been lost in time for 70 years…why it took 48 years to find her plane, validate her remains, and to finally receive Russia’s highest military award, Hero of the Soviet Union, from President Mikhail Gorbachev…and how the author, who does not speak Russian, persuaded a passionate Russian Museum curator and a skeptical Ukrainian English teacher, to agree to a historic 6,000 mile collaboration.
Learn about the creation of Call Sign, White Lily, and hear unfiltered cultural Insights and view never before-seen pictures, posters and videos collected along the way.

Approximate time: 45 -60 minutes.
Customized promotional materials included.
Can include optional Q & A, selected reading of passages.

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