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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

Save the Last Dance #3.
The Kind of Love Story You Don’t See Anymore

80 Years of love ever after, compressed into 61 seconds Alas, we live in a world of soundbites! Everybody wants you to get to the point in the least possible time. The above video about an intimate, epic love story, that spanned 79 years, was meant to give prospective readers a brief,... Learn More

DATE: Sep.08.2021 | CATEGORY: Romance

Save the Last Dance #2.
“Whatcha Doing Charlie?”

Eight-year-old artist’s rendering of New York Harbor "Watcha doing, Charlie?" asked the beautiful, 7-year old young Fanny with long brown curls flowing out of her straw hat on Mulberry Street in New York’s Little Italy. “I’m making you a picture, Fanny,” replied the handsome 8-year old Charlie, drawing a boat in New... Learn More

DATE: Sep.08.2021 | CATEGORY: Romance

Save the Last Dance #1.
Does Fiction Mirror Reality?

Fanny and Charlie in their 20’s loved to dance the night away at New York’s Cotton Club People always ask, how do you find your stories? The answer? The story is either something I feel passionate about or with which I have some direct or indirect connection. Save the Last Dance, which critics call,... Learn More

DATE: Sep.08.2021 | CATEGORY: Romance

Only In New York. Story #132.
Park Avenue Parachute

It’s Friday, January 31, 1975. I’m a hot-shot young senior manager for the Blueblood Madison Avenue Agency, Young & Rubicam, and just back from a V.I.P. trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to visit the banana plantations of our newest client, Chiquita brand bananas. I’m having my first meeting with Eli M. Black, the ... Learn More

DATE: Feb.11.2021 | CATEGORY: Short Stories

Only In New York. Story #69.
The Taxi Driver

I was on the way back from a business lunch at Sal Anthony’s Restaurant near Irving Place and 14th Street. As a grizzled New Yorker, I knew the fastest way back to my office at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations was to hail a cab and head northbound on First Avenue. At... Learn More

DATE: Jan.27.2021 | CATEGORY: Short Stories

Only In New York. Story #54.
Uncle Tip-Top and Tony Four

Who are Uncle Tip-Top and Tony Four? They were my enterprising uncles, long since passed. Uncle Tip-Top (real name Tom) was a fleet supervisor for Ward Baking, the company which manufactured a popular brand of highly-processed, empty-calorie white bread called Tip-Top. Its ironic slogan? “Tip-Top Bread Builds Bodies Eight Ways.” Tip-Top’s fleet of 200 ... Learn More

DATE: Jan.20.2021 | CATEGORY: Short Stories

Only In New York. Story #54.
Wedding Night at the Plaza

Our wedding was a grand affair in Westchester County with over 200 family and friends. The best part? Our guests gave us over $4,000 in cash (a lot of money in 1964). It was off to the island of Jamaica for our honeymoon the next day. So, the 22-year old groom... Learn More

DATE: Jan.14.2021 | CATEGORY: Short Stories

Only In New York. Story #12.
Whitey, Billy, The Mick and Me

When I was in high school, I sold sell hotdogs and soda at the old Yankee Stadium, which, fortunately for me, was only about eight blocks from my school. It was great making some spending money and wandering around the hallowed halls of the Stadium. I especially looked forward to Saturday day games.... Learn More

DATE: Jan.06.2021 | CATEGORY: Short Stories

The Diary of Ma Sicong (2017) – The Communist Party Attempts To Whitewash My Life Story With Flattery.

I died more than 30 years ago at the age of 75 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, much has been written about me, my work, family, and circumstances. Some have been accurate, much not. That is why I decided to write a candid book about what happened. Once Mao was gone,... Learn More

DATE: Dec.30.2020 | CATEGORY: Biography

The Diary of Ma Sicong (1967) – I Fleed Death Against All The Odds.

With the government out of control and people being murdered and imprisoned at will, my homeland was no longer the society for which my father fought and died. We decided to take advantage of the few friends I knew I could trust to find a way to escape to Hong Kong, where we... Learn More

DATE: Dec.30.2020 | CATEGORY: Biography