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What do The Salad Oil King and Warren Buffet have in common?

Tino De Angelis (l) , AKA The Salad Oil King and zillionaire Warren Buffet (r) in their respective offices.

THE ANSWER? They both made a killing with The American Express Company.

But there was a DIFFERENCE…

Tino built a $13 billion pre-internet scam that brought down two blueblood brokerages and halted trading on the stock market for a day. How? He duped American Express Bank into certifying an obscene amount of non-existent vegetable oil that was supposedly stored in huge tanks in New Jersey.

With American Express on the rocks, Warren took a huge investment position in American Express after Tino almost put them out of business. Warren went on to make hundreds of millions, and, what he has done since is history.

The Salad Oil King. An American Tale of Greed Gone Mad. is rapid-fire book based on Tino’s long career of greed, corruption, romance and loyalty. Critics have hailed it “a classic American crime story by a master story-teller.”

P.S. Did I mention, my mother was Tino’s first babysitter?

DATE: May.06.2019 | CATEGORY: True Crime