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What do The Salad Oil King and Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko have in common?

Tino De Angelis (l) , AKA The Salad Oil King, and zillionaire Gordon Gekko (r) explain their respective investment strategies.

THE ANSWER? Both men used inventive schemes to amass billions on the various stock exchanges.

But there were differences…

Gekko was a sophisticated, educated Wall Street inspired by real people and real events. Insider information gained legally and illegally was his silver bullet.

But Tino was not “inspired” by anyone. He was very real; An unscrupulous high school dropout who built a $13 billion pre-internet scam that brought down two blueblood brokerages and halted trading on the stock market for a day.

To this day, people wonder how he managed to build his “Mona Lisa” then disappear into the ozone with untold wealth after a ridiculously brief prison stint.

The Salad Oil King. An American Tale of Greed Gone Mad. is a very personal look at Tino’s accumulation of wealth built on a foundation of greed, corruption, violence, romance and loyalty. Critics have hailed it “a classic American crime story by a master story-teller.”

P.S. The last thing Tino did before he disappeared? Call his childhood friend, my mother, on her 80th birthday to wish her well, and tell her “all was right with the world.”

DATE: Apr.22.2019 | CATEGORY: True Crime