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What do authors Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and M.G. Crisci have in common?

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Imagine a beautiful Russian teenager becomes the most successful fighter pilot in the history of the world but due to the circumstances of war, is lost in time for almost 60 years?

Imagine a Russian museum curator and a Ukrainian English teacher to spend 40 years of their life finding the bits and pieces of the pilots life, and creating a school and museum in her name?

Imagine an Italian-America boy from the Bronx collaborates with these two women and creates a best-selling literary classic?

Imagine the boy receives an award from the Russian government for improving non-political communications between our two great nations?

Imagine the efforts of these women are belated recognized after keeping the memory and memorabilia of this flying ace and their contributions to the book, Call Sign, White Lily?

Well it all happened, thanks for the efforts of a lot of wonderful caring Russian and Ukrainian people who decided to use their instincts to trust somebody they didn’t know. How many of us have ever done that?

DATE: Nov.26.2013 | CATEGORY: Archived