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U.S. Media Makes Russian Secret Preference for Trump Sound Like a Media Scoop

FACT BUSTER#1. The Russian preference is not part of some clandestine mission to overthrow the American government. Have you ever seen this picture posted in American newspapers? It’s commonly available all over Russia and Europe—note the Reuters picture attribution in lower left.

By the way, the people in the pictures are not part of some KGB-style network. They are office workers in Moscow’s financial district. They’re making a toast with value-priced imitation champagne (like our Korbel) and eating snacks. Which brings us to FACT BUSTER #2: all Russians sit in corners pounding down vodka. When Russians drink they almost always enjoy snacks like pickled cucumbers, Salo, and Russian meat jelly when they socialize. Not sure what Salo is? Go ask somebody at CNN!

FACT BUSTER #3. We, as Americans, take pride in the fact that we are the world’s beacon of investigative reporting. Just so you know, the rest of the world thinks otherwise. The prestigious 2016 Reporters without Borders World Press Index ranks the U.S. media # 41 in objectivity behind countries like Slovenia, South Africa, Tonga, Belize, Andorra and Lithuania. Ever hear that over our airwaves? Don’t believe me? Shocked? Check it out.

Like I’ve said so many times…You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

DATE: Mar.11.2017 | CATEGORY: Archived