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The story of M.G. Crisci before writing, and his beginnings as an author

This blog begins a series of interviews with the prolific and interesting author, M.G. Crisci, the first of which will delve into his youth and earlier professional years, and what his motivation was to author his first book.

M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 10 books based on true stories or real events in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, drama, and romance. Before all of these accomplishments, he described being just another kid learning the ways of the world in the boroughs of New York City just after World War II, where early life experiences and memorable people contributed to his choices for interesting book topics later in life.

Inner Motivations To Put Pen To Paper

In his own words, M.G. Crisci reveals the formative process of knowing deep down that writing was eventually going to be his passion and purpose, after a rewarding run in previous professional pursuits.

“I spent 30+ years in advertising and the business world, running successful agencies like Young & Rubicam, and handling Wall Street IPOs later. Before all of that, I was just a kid born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx without any silver spoon. I became a sophisticated business manager in my own right and have won various awards at the very top levels in my industry, all the way up from these humble beginnings. In my heart, I knew there would come a time that my legacy was going to be writing books. I knew that the topics I chose were going to be near and dear to me and my family, and that they would be stories that would entertain, involving people you would remember, and literature that matters.”

This has become his moniker of sorts, and continues to be a foundation for his growing library of available books.

“I would let the subject matter take me wherever wherever my life took me. These books, in one way or another, are all completing some intersect in my life. The best writing comes come familiarity, and the content and stories I write are all approachable and crafted with this precept in mind. The voice instilled in each work is that it is literature that matters.”

From his first book, Save The Last Dance, to his latest tale of greed and deception, The Salad Oil King, M.G. Crisci delivers true-to-life stories that he crafts with colorful details and touching depictions. One of the interesting threads that these two books have in common is that the author’s mother knew each of the main characters, back to the days of their youth.

Save The Last Dance

Crisci’s first book is a touching story that many can relate to, because we do not always get what we want in relationships and in life. Save The Last Dance deals with the themes of shattered dreams, broken promises, and meant-to-be destinies that went somewhat unfulfilled.

“Getting onto my first book, I was always fascinated with the story of a certain man and woman who loved each other, but did not end up marrying. They always thought they were going to end up together in their hearts, but his rise to stardom led him elsewhere. That man was Charles Magnante, who became one of the most famous accordion players in history, and that woman was my mother!”

Crisci knew that his mother had an amazing connection with Charlie, as she called him, because even after his death, she would “spend time” with Charlie, by sitting in her room and visualizing that she was going out on the town with him, to old haunts, where they would dance.

“My mother would tell me that Charlie would always finish the night by reminding her, ‘Do me a favor and save the last dance for me’. It was obvious to me they just had a wonderful romance that was never fulfilled, but was still so lasting.”

M.G. Crisci also shares a comical memory from his youth while learning to play the instrument that Charlie was the virtuoso of.

“My mom wanted me to learn the accordion, and I recall going to practice at NBC studios with a music tutor. Charlie eventually came to see my progress, which was not too great, and I can still see his painful face as he listened to me destroying his music! Suffice to say, Save The Last Dance has gotten five star ratings and that was a great beginning for me.”

This Little Piggy

Crisci’s experience with Wall Street became the focus for his second work, which is a captivating ride for anyone who is interested in the truth behind the facade of the business world from the public perspective.

“My second book, This Little Piggy, is the actual story of navigating through my first IPO, as it literally happened, through the ups and downs of Wall Street that nobody ever sees. Each book comes with its own history, and its own important thread. I am living my own dream as an author, in telling genuine stories as part of this ongoing human saga.”

Crisci’s diverse range of topics, whether sentimental, or rooted in the complex business world, reveal keen insights into each person’s inner motivations, whether that is in the pursuit of love or money. The next blog will continue to bring you more backstories from the author and his books, as we delve deeper into the world of M.G. Crisci.

DATE: Sep.18.2017 | CATEGORY: Archived