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Wow! SF Book Review gives 7 Days in Russia 5 out of 5 stars!

My new dual-language coffee table book, “7 Days in Russia“, was just awarded 5 out of 5 stars by the San Francisco Book Review. At 11×13 inches, with 200 pages and over 157+ photos, it’s a great way to experience Russia through my eyes…for better and for worse!

SF Book Review wrote:

“If you never considered a trip to Russia, you’ll be really tempted after
reading 7 days in Russia. This is a fascinating travelogue by M. G. Crisci. The
book itself strikes you at first glance: a large-format high-end production in landscape format. Turn it over to its back cover, flip it right side up and the exactly same book appears, same text, same illustrations, but in Russian — two books in one!

The pages are heavy stock and glossy, text is large, writing is pleasant; it is an easy read, entertaining and with good humor. As in a travel book, many photos illustrate the text and these are good snapshots with occasional excellent photos ranging from quarter- page to full page (with a little too many with the author). Crisci received this fully-paid seven-day trip by winning an award offered by a Russian newspaper. From his previous books on Russia he had good contacts in the country which he used on his trip, interviewing people and learning about Russia and Russian life — with generally good impressions. This is a great coffee table book.”

Click here for the official PDF.