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Project Zebra Dairies. Entry #23.
Russian commander expresses everlasting appreciation to America.

(Circa 1943: Russian Zebra Commander Maxim Chibisov’s US Navy identification card.)

In 1943, a decorated Russian commander arrived in America under cover of night to lead 300 fellow Soviet aces on a “once-in-lifetime” mission that had no blueprints.

America had built 185 state-of-the-art amphibious warplanes that no Russian had ever seen, much less flown. The mission was simple! Train the men so they could fly the planes in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters to destroy the nimble German U-boats and Japanese submarines.

Eighteen months later, the mission was declared a fabulous success. The Colonel, Maxim Chibsov, wrote a heartfelt letter to the American high command offering “everlasting appreciation.” Maxim also kept his US Navy ID card (above) till the day he died.

I would be pleased if you would consider reading a copy of Project Zebra. Critics call it “One of the last great untold stories of World War II.” PROJECT ZEBRA. Roosevelt and Stalin’s Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Soviet Airmen in America.

DATE: Aug.05.2019 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII