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Mayor of Elizabeth City, NC Endorses Project Zebra

Dear Readers:

It is indeed a pleasure for me to congratulate my friend, Matt Crisci, on the completion of this remarkable book, which for the first time, eloquently tells the true story of Project Zebra.

The little-known, top-secret project bore huge historical significance; and his book details Elizabeth City, North Carolina’s contribution to the successful outcome of this project and hence of World War II.

I have often heard stories about the Naval Air Station and its airships located in Elizabeth City during World War II. But until learning of the entire scope of Project Zebra story, I was not aware that our small town played such an important part in this top-secret project to train Soviet airmen to fly the planes that we Americans had built for them to seek and destroy German U-boats and Japanese submarines in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.

I am encouraged by this show of brotherhood and the willingness of our countries to work together at that time to defeat a very real evil. This story certainly highlights the importance and power of international partnerships and alliances between and among countries during war time. A lesson we don’t need to forget today.

Mathew, thank you for telling this inspiring story for our future generations.

Sincerely, Dr. Joseph W. Peel, Mayor Elizabeth City
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