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Marc Zuckerberg Declares Facebook America’s Arbitrator of Free Speech!

Facebook rejects ads for two critically-acclaimed WWII books about women’s accomplishments and mutual trust and respect as “too political.”


(SAN DIEGO, CA and DUBLIN, IR) M.G. Crisci, the respected American author of 16 books and a member of Who’s Who in the World, has been informed ads for his two critically-acclaimed WWII books—Call Sign, White Lily and Project Zebra—are “not wanted” at Facebook. Reason? They don’t fit the social media giant’s journalism standards.

According to Crisci’s Dublin-based marketing firm, BooksGoSocial, ads for the two books have been running on Facebook for more than eight months and are among the genre’s best sellers. “These are not just books about some obscure WWII incidents,” said BGS President Laurence O’Byran, “they are major stories about accomplishment and trust buried in time which took Crisci 3-5 years each to research, interview and write.”

Call Sign, White Lily is an epic story about Lt. Litvyak Litvyak was the world’s first female fighter pilot and her breathtaking accomplishments against all the odds. Litvyak completed 268 missions and recorded 15 solo kills before being shot from the skies by the Nazis at the age of 21. Tragically, her remains were not recovered for another 46 years.

“The significance of Lilia’s accomplishment on the world’s stage rival Amelia Earhart.,” said Crisci. If she were American, there would have been parades, monuments, and notations in our history books. Sadly, her life is almost unknown in America, that’s why I wrote the book.”

Critics have called Call Sign White Lily, “A book that deserves a special place among all the books and stories told about World War!” and “A simply magnificent achievement. Epic, intimate, tragic, and inspirational.”

The second book, Top-Secret Project Zebra, retells, for the first time, the daring mission created by Roosevelt and Stalin to train 300 Soviet Airmen in North Carolina to fly 185 giant warplanes made in Philadelphia to Soviet specs. The details of which were only declassified in 2013.

“While set against a backdrop of World War II,” said Crisci, “at its core, Project Zebra is an intimate look at how 350 people with significant language barriers, different cultural traditions, and misleading stereotypical beliefs became trusted teammates and forever friends.

Critics call Project Zebra, “Fascinating. Classy. Heartfelt.” and “A unique piece of history that serves as a guidepost for today’s madness.”

According to the author, the goal of these two books was to demonstrate—in an entertaining, approachable format supported by vintage documents and photographs—the human race is more alike than different and that we all share the responsibility to make this world a better place.

“Such is the world in which we live, continued Crisci. “These two books took ten years to complete, including trips to Russia, Ukraine, and interviews with hundreds of people directly and indirectly related to the projects. My goal—demonstrate, in an entertaining story format, the human race is more alike than different and that we all share the responsibility to make this world a better place.”

According to the author, controversy seems to have followed these two projects.” First, the FBI visits my home on several occasions to determine if I was a dual agent,” said Crisci. “Now, Facebook, which has come under Congressional scrutiny, for inappropriate member posting decides to reject ads for two scholarly books that have received numerous editorial awards and positive reader reviews. How does Facebook rationalize such inconsistencies?”

“In case you weren’t sure,” shrugged Crisci, “it’s now official. The world has gone completely mad!”

Call Sign, White Lily and Project Zebra, among other M.G. Crisci titles, are available in hardbound, paperback, and ebook editions at all the leading online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Apple iBooks, among others.

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