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Independent Book Review’s Liam Anthony praises “The King of Violins”!

Liam Anthony of the Independent Book Review has praised THE KING OF VIOLINS: The extraordinary life of Ma Sicong, China’s greatest violin virtuoso by M.G. Crisci and Cheng Ken Chi, PHD.

“From the beginning, I couldn’t help but be engaged in Ma’s story. Co-written by his son-in-law, it offers a first-person account that offers an immediate feeling of intimacy. With how close we’re able to get to Ma, our connection with him (and with co-author Cheng Ken Chi) resonates long after we finish reading the book.”

“I read this book with an insatiable desire. The authors manage to present a successful balance of bringing in both Ma’s story and adding myriad social observations, often providing rich details that are unequivocally well-researched.”

The King of Violins is a book that will encourage you to learn more, a story that will resonate with its readers (especially creatives) for a long time. I left feeling as though I had met Ma Sicong—and I’m better off for it.”

Read the full review now at Independent Book Review, and read The King of Violins for yourself!

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