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Critically-Acclaimed American Author a Keynote Speaker at International Writers’ Conference

The June 22-24 conference in Dublin, Ireland, to include authors, publishers, and literary agents from around the world

DUBLIN, Jun.1 – BooksGoSocial, the sponsor of the annual Dublin Writers Conference, has selected Manhattan-born M.G. Crisci, the author of ten-books, based on true stories and real events, as one of its key speakers.

The conference is designed to provide new voices with the tools needed to succeed in today’s $143 bn USD category. Today less than 70% of category
volume is generated by traditional publishing houses with traditional publishing models. They rest is comprised of Indie writers and boutique publishers. And, according to conference Founder, Laurence O’Bryan, that number is expected to grow in importance.

“With so many book options—there are over eight million books for sale on Amazon—the reading public demands memorable, well-crafted stories, regardless of source. But creating a great book is only part of the success equation; the other is memorable, cost effective-marketing. That’s what our conference is about: advice that is practical and useful on both strategic areas.”

According to O’Bryan, “author Crisci, a 22-time selectee to Who’s Who in the World, has a set of professional credentials that made him a perfect fit for this year’s conference. “He is skilled writer, with an impressive list of successes, an internationally recognized expert in the field of consumer motivation and brand building, and an engaging speaker who has spoken at high profile venues in Washington D.C., New York, and Moscow, among others.”

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