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Call Sign, White Lily re-Issued with enhanced content

NEW YORK (June 2013)—Renowned author and businessman M.G. Crisci is releasing a new edition of Call Sign, White Lily—the heroic story of the world’s first female ace—Russian pilot Lilia Litvyak—on the 70th anniversary of her death.

The new edition and a related website includes enhanced content and bonus material that offers new photos, videos and information on Litvyak, her follow female pilots also known as the Night Witches, and the air war on the Eastern Front during World War II. This edition of Call Sign, White Lily (Orca Publishing Co.) continues to tell how Litvyak responded when Mother Russia called. She traded her childhood for a YAK-1 fighter and shredded Hitler’s vaunted all-male Luftwaffe on her way to becoming the world’s first female ace before her death in aerial combat over the Ukraine just short of her 22nd birthday.

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