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Jello Bowl II, 1978 – Young & Rubicam Warriors vs General Foods MBA’s

Location: Stamford, CT
Announcer: John Facenda, the Official Voice of NFL Films, AKA “The Voice of God”)
Cast: Fame-hungry employees from Young & Rubicam and the old General Foods Corporation

A hilarious, never-before-posted 10-minute film from the “Advertising Industry’s Golden Days.” Two teams, comprised of “athletically-deficient men and women” from advertising colossus Young & Rubicam, and packaged goods giant, General Foods Corporation, compete against each other in an all-day, three-event athletic triathlon. Film includes live-interviews, rare vintage sepia footage and coverage of the all-night awards party later that evening. It is truly Young & Rubicam at its bumbling best.

P.S. – The Y&R TV department shot and edited the film using the real voice of the NFL, John Facenda, who laughed his way through the recording. Perhaps, best of all, executive producer, account guy, Matt Crisci, got the client to pay for the entire film and party as a production job (+ 17.65% agency commission). Film was subsequently shown at the General Foods Annual Shareholder Meeting as a model of Client-Agency relationships.

DATE: Jan.08.2014 | CATEGORY: Archived