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“Epic celebration of female accomplishment
in male-dominated societies”

– Voice of America, Washington D.C.


Ordinary child to Adolph Hitler’s worst public relations nightmare in less than 9 years

There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of books about female accomplishment under adverse conditions. Curiously, one of the greatest woman against-all-the-odds stories, has somehow been lost in time for more than 70 years.

Moscow-born Lily Litvyak fell in love with flight at the age of 10 after reading the biography of the generally acknowledged fathers of flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright. She was a good student and graduated with honors from high school in 1938. The times was filled with the stories of daring pilots and concern about the encroachment of Adolph Hitler.

Russian translation of the life of Wilbur and Orville right Lilia carried in her schoolbag

As you’ll learn when reading Call Sign, White Lily, the ever-resourceful Lilia found ways to learn to fly, train male pilots, and enter an elite all-male flying regiment. Along the way, there were new friendships, new loves, a soulmate, and some heartaches and disappointment.

What Lilia did, she did for country; she never feared death. Her unselfish exploits became legend, and she was nicknamed The White Lily by her squadron members who were in awe of her battle skills. Her worst fear? “When this terrible war ends we will all somehow be lost in time.”

Prophetically, after 268 successful missions, she was surrounded by a squadron of determined Messerschmitts, and disappeared in a hail of bullets over a desolate section of Eastern Ukraine. Because of the circumstances surrounding her death, her plane fragments and remains were not recovered for almost 40 years; and, her feats not officially recognized for another 15 years. In the end, Lilia was indeed lost in time.

But thanks to thousands of readers around the world, Lilia’s story is now in its fifth edition with more actual memorabilia and photographs than ever before. While technically a work of historical fiction, my goal was for you to get to know the real Lilia up close and personal. I think I succeeded because every now and then I see her smiling face.

DATE: May.27.2022 | CATEGORY: History/WorldWarII