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China, Russia…and yes, the US…Lag in Free Press Study


Russia ranks #148 out of 180 Countries in 2014 survey “Reporting without Bias.” Country rank unchanged from 2013. Surrounded by Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippines, Iraq, Turkey, Mexico and Pakistan.

Russia 144


United States ranks #46 in the same study. Trails virtually the entire European Union (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, U.K. etc.) and Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc). U.S. also trails countries you wouldn’t necessarily think of: Uruguay, Ghana, El Salvador, Chez Republic, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa.

US 46


Check this out. Note the entirely different “headline” message from the exact same news story in two highly respected American dailies.

dual headline

Now for the Good News.

America’s largest trading partner and investor, the People’s Republic of China, held steadfast at #175 in both 2013 and 2014, surrounded by Somalia and the Syrian Arab Republic

DATE: Dec.11.2014 | CATEGORY: Archived