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11-year Lilia Litvyak becomes fascinated with flight as she
reads about the Wright Brothers. Tragedy strikes when her father is unjustly
executed as an enemy of the state.

Six years later, Hitler brutally invades Russia. The supremely
self-confident yet conflicted 17-year-old Lilia realizes she must use now
substantial flying skills to defend her Motherland.  Against all odds in
the male-dominated Soviet Society, her perseverance, grit, and determination
make her the first female-fighter-pilot in the history of the world.

By age 21 Lilia is setting military records that will stand to
this day: 268 missions,15 solo kills, and 22 assists.  Ironically, despite living the pain, tragedy,
and suffering of battle, in her spare moments, Lilia laughs heartily, reads
poetry, and falls madly in love with her soulmate and constant flying
companion, the dashing ace, Captain Alexey Solomatin.

Call Sign, White Lily, five years in the making, gives readers the
opportunity to meet Lilia and her friends, up close and personal, and learn why
this remarkable young woman was decades ahead of her time.

The world-famous Hermitage in St. Petersburg calls Call Sign, White Lily, “among the
greatest books and stories ever told about WW2.” 

DATE: Jan.07.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books