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A bittersweet love story about how success disrupted soulmates


An 8-year-old boy named Charlie and a little girl named Fanny become best friends. As teenagers, friendship turned to love. By the age of 20, they were one: soulmates, sharing dreams of a  perfect marriage and his musical success.
Charlie musical gifts brought him early fame as a radio and recording star. Ironically, his success led to one broken promise and one shattered dream after another with Fanny. During the next 50 years, Charlie married twice, Fanny once… to others. And, Charlie insecurities caused prescription opioid dependency and a nervous breakdown. Through it all, the couple stayed in touch.

When the end was near, Charlie created a final master recording as a tribute to the woman he loved his entire life. Fanny lived another 15 years. Whenever she wanted to talk to Charlie, she would play the album, and Charlie would reappear. When Charlie left, he would smile and tell Fanny, “Save the Last Dance for me.”

How did I come upon this story? Fanny was my mother.

DATE: Jan.14.2019 | CATEGORY: Romance