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It’s a Mad Mad Mad World! Thank you, Wells Fargo.

SUPPOSE I told you I was an “acknowledged” VIP Wells Fargo customer?

SUPPOSE I told you I just closed a small Wells Fargo savings account to eliminate a monthly service charge that made no sense given the above?

SUPPOSE I told you Wells Fargo made an egregious mathematical error and decided to refund me ONE CENT like in $.0.01!

SUPPOSE I told you instead of simply crediting it to one of our other five Wells Fargo accounts, they issued me a cashier’s check for $0.01?

SUPPOSE I told you Wells Fargo incurred check calculation, printing and handling costs (unknown) PLUS first class mailing costs ($0.48)?

SUPPOSE I told you I decided to deposit the check to create a paper confirmation receipt and allow Wells Fargo to incur additional backroom costs?

SUPPOSE I told you when the dust settled, Wells Fargo probably spent 1000% more to print, process, send and reconcile my $0.01 refund?

SUPPOSE you tell me why large banks charge so many nickel-dime fees?

P.S. In case the above sounds completely mad, below find the Wells Fargo Cashier’s Check in the amount of $0.01and my ATM receipt.




DATE: Nov.22.2016 | CATEGORY: My Life | COMMENTS: 5