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This Little Piggy


A disturbing tale of Wall Street's lunatic fringe.


Video Trailer

The trailer for "This Little Piggy", released in 2013.
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Video Trailer

The trailer for "This Little Piggy", released in 2013.
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ISBN# : 978-0-9859918-3-8 (paperback), 9780-9859918-4-5 (e-book)

“This is no light-hearted read, but it is full of intense warnings and delicious schadenfreude. This is a tragedy in the classic sense, and it is exquisite.”

– 4.5/5 stars, San Francisco Book Review. Read full review here.

Victor Martini had it all…family, friends, a successful career on Madison Avenue, and a loving wife, Sandra.

But a chance call from a former business associate who insisted Victor meet a member of Wall Street’s tarnished elite, Franklin Ryman, changed destiny’s course. After visiting Ryman’s estate, and seeing the toys of the super rich first- hand, Victor became infatuated with the idea of becoming a wealthy Wall Street entrepreneur. Ryman assured Victor, no experience was needed to tap into the public equity game; all that was required was for Victor “to follow the master.”

Their strategic game plan was simple and grandiose: they would take a page from zillionaire Bill Gates early playbook by tapping into the Penny Stock Market to create a company with that would eventually dwarf Microsoft.

As the partners built their “Made for Wall Street Company” on a foundation of quicksand, they befriended a series of characters who thrived in a world where the primary ethic was gray, and the only value that mattered was green. Everyday seemed to bring a new crisis: poor acquisition choices, unseemly compromises, boardroom battles, marital surprises, a struggle for personal power, and disappointing operating results. In the end, Victor was left with a series of choices, none particularly attractive.


“Whew! I don't know how you were ever able to swim to the surface after dealing with the likes of Franklin, Nachman, Tothson, Edelberg and Krotsky. My mother had an expression,"If you like down with dogs you wake up with flees". It was meant for the girls in the family but it seems to fit here. You have a tremendous ability to tell a story and keep the reader on the edge. Avarice was a fascinating but sad story. Sorry you had to experience it but you fought the good fight and survived.” - Dennis O., Executive Search Firm

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