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(And, help a friend).

Some of you that have been following my work, know my library is now ten books.

In fact, One of them, Call Sign, White Lily, has reached the top of the historical fiction best-selling charts, and, is now in its fifth edition. (Thank you).

In the back of my mind, there’s been this dream. Wouldn’t the White Lily make a great movie?

After all, she was the world’s first female fighter-pilot and shot down a hell of a lot of German planes by the age of 21. (Picture below).  I was told, forget it, “that’s a 10 billion to one shot.” Well, stuff does happen.

Fortunately for me, one of Russia’s leading filmmaker/producer/directors, Vladimir Alenikov, (Russian equivalent to Steven Spielberg), was of like mind. For two years, we have worked as colleagues and friends to create a screenplay based on the book.

Recently, one of Hollywood’s leading production companies has agreed to represent the property, and, has got an Academy Award-Winning Screenwriter involved to polish the offering. (Vladimir has produced 61 films, me none!)

If you’ve got 20 minutes, and have always fancied yourself a movie critic, here’s your chance.  Below, you’ll find the all-important opening scenes (about 12 pages in Hollywood easy-to-read script format).

You can then rate them on a scale of one to five and add a comment or two if you wish. I’m told in Hollywood, no script is ever really done, until the final edits. Have fun!

Now the best part, what do you get for helping out?

Absolutely nothing, other than a handwritten thank you in writing, on real paper that gets mailed with a real stamp!

Click here to become a movie critic.

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