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Story #69:
The taxi driver

I was on the way back from a business lunch at Sal Anthony’s Restaurant near Irving Place and 14th Street.

As a grizzled New Yorker, I knew the fastest way back to my office at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations was to hail a cab and head northbound on First Avenue.

At first blush, it was my lucky day. No sooner had I raised my hand than a shiny yellow cab driven by a clean-shaven guy with a bowtie pulled up next to me. Next surprise, he was courteous, and spoke perfect English (please forgive the politically-incorrect descriptor; that’s the racist in me).

Before long, the conversation went from small talk to Vietnam. It turned out he was a vet who had driven tanks through the forests. He also clearly suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome). I tried to keep him clam as he drove, but there were Gooks hiding in the bushes on every street corner, and lots of other weird stuff.

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DATE: Jan.02.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books