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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

Sometimes, humor is anything but…

One picture can create decades of distrust. Decades of images creates mountains of distrust. Simply put, my generation has made a mess of the world order. And, we are not getting any better. But you young people around the world have a great opportunity to use social media for the greater... Learn More

DATE: Sep.16.2014 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine: The people’s side of the story (warning: graphic image)

A recent email from my friend, Yelena, living surviving in Eastern Ukraine. “Lugansk (our region center), Donetsk, Snezhnoye (a little town 5-10 km away from Krasny Luch) and some other places are severely bombed and shelled. I can hear explosions out of my window, as well as the roar of Ukrainian aircrafts. (The Ukrainian... Learn More

DATE: Aug.27.2014 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

My friends were bombed today by the Ukrainian Air Force.

Three years ago, some lovely, peace-loving people in Donetsk and Krasny Luch, Eastern Ukraine, opened their homes and hearts to collaborate on my now critically-acclaimed book, Call Sign, White Lily. We lived, we laughed, we ate, we drank together for days, as I proudly gathered rare never-before seen materials about the determined Russian... Learn More

We are who we are.

No matter how hard we try, or how much we deny, we are all, to some extent, a product of our collective experiences. This video is really about the reporter's questions, not my answers, although they are interesting. Listen attentively. 

DATE: Jul.28.2014 | CATEGORY: My Life

Welcome to the impossible

M.G. Crisci, an iconoclastic American businessman and author, with absolutely no Russian ancestry or contacts, decides to take an improbable journey. He chooses to write a book—based on a story virtually unknown in America—the bittersweet life and loves of the world’s first female fighter pilot, a confident, determined teenager from Moscow, Lilya... Learn More

Moscow. Like Manhattan, Only different.

For those of you who have read my books, blogs and editorials about today’s Russia Federation what I am about to point out will not be a surprise. For the remaining 310, 299,867 Americans it might! Less than .0001% of Americans have ever visited this culturally rich and thoroughly misunderstood country. So... Learn More

DATE: Jan.14.2014 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

M.G. Crisci shares his thoughts with Voice of America & the world

On December 19th, 2013, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty published an interview with M.G. Crisci, written by Alexander Sirotin. In, M.G. Crisci discusses Russia, his impressions of his visits, and his two books Call Sign, White Lily and Seven Days In Russia, with Voice of America. The entire article translated into english is provided... Learn More

Surprise! God is alive and well, and living in Russia.

Russia is well-known as a society that has long dealt with adversity up close and personal thanks to endless invaders, two world wars, greedy tsars, bizarre dictators, and, perhaps the cruelest enemy of all, weather. Yet, much less is known about society’s strong belief in God. After talking to hundreds of “average”... Learn More

DATE: Jan.09.2014 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine

Jello Bowl II, 1978 – Young & Rubicam Warriors vs General Foods MBA’s

Location: Stamford, CT Announcer: John Facenda, the Official Voice of NFL Films, AKA "The Voice of God") Cast: Fame-hungry employees from Young & Rubicam and the old General Foods Corporation A hilarious, never-before-posted 10-minute film from the "Advertising Industry's Golden Days." Two teams, comprised of "athletically-deficient men and women" from advertising colossus Young &... Learn More

DATE: Jan.08.2014 | CATEGORY: My Life

Then, and now…

THEN… In 1860, the world’s largest Orthodox Church, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, opened its doors near the Moskva River in central Moscow. Around 1930, the atheist nut-bag Joseph Stalin decided to demo the Cathedral to make way for his grand vision called the Palace of the Soviets. But the outbreak of World... Learn More

DATE: Dec.09.2013 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine