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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

A Writer’s Life. Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way.

My story is the same as so many authors, and yet quite different since I didn’t complete my first book until the age of 61. It’s ten years later, and I think I’ve learned a thing or two along the way, that might be worth a read. No. 1: KNOW WHO YOU ARE. When... Learn More

DATE: May.05.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

Robin Hood stole from the rich, gave to the poor….

The Salad Oil King stole from the Government, gave to the kids….

The Salad Oil King loved to help kids ride bikes as much as he loved scamming the US government The legend of Robin Hood is well-know the world over. Although, it remains unclear whether Robin really existed—and, if he did, did he take “anything off the top for operating expenses.” By contrast, almost... Learn More

DATE: Apr.08.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

High school dropout swindles Wall Street Blue Bloods for $13 billion.

Anthony “Tino” DeAngelis, AKA The Salad Oil King, pleads case. Gets 7 years in jail, with two off for teaching Bible classes. One of America’s greatest pre-internet scam artists has disappeared off the American crime scene until now! Life started simple enough for pudgy little Tino. He rubbed olive oil on his yo-yo-strings... Learn More

DATE: Mar.25.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

If it wasn’t for Tino, there might not be a Warren.

Salad Oil King, Tino De Angelis, and zillionaire Warren Buffet, pose in their offices respective offices. Most everybody agrees Warren Buffet is the world’s most intelligent and successful investor. Ironically, the source of Buffet’s initial fortune was compliments of a high-school drop-out, Anthony “Tino” DeAngelis, nicknamed the SALAD OIL KING. As... Learn More

DATE: Mar.18.2019 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

Make all your aches and pains go away!
Take an extraordinary journey through life with an ordinary man.

A humble man known simply as Papa Cado by his grandchildren handled all of God's little tests—40+ heart procedures, a five-by-pass, 30+ radiation treatments, Stage Four Parkinson’s and more, with grace, dignity, wit, and grit. His life—delivered in his own words—is a collection of life lessons that will inspire every reader to make... Learn More

DATE: Nov.01.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

What readers are saying about
Call Sign, White Lily

“Deeply recommended to anyone who cares about justice, freedom, and the gifts God has given women.” _____ The life story of a woman who most people have never heard of will keep you turning pages.” “One of my all-time favorite books.” _____ “Written in a way I felt I was there. Learned so much about this tragic... Learn More

DATE: Jul.09.2018 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

Imagine a little-know piece of Heaven
where the language is English,
all credit cards are accepted,
and the residents walk around with a smile on their face.

A stones’ throw from the English coastline – a two-and-a-half-hour ferry ride to be specific – sits the Isles of Scilly, five small high-speed internet connected islands, with a population of 2,300 people (in high season!). If you’re looking for something new that’s old, something serene that’s fun, someplace to kick back... Learn More

DATE: Nov.09.2017 | CATEGORY: My Life

A wise man and a wiseguy: The tale of two books

What could an unassuming middle-aged man and an unscrupulous, big-time scam artist have in common? The answer to that question is actually about 12 years old. I discovered I have a knack for running into compelling real-life characters and their stories. I’ve also discovered many of these memorable characters could be the... Learn More

DATE: Sep.18.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

The story of M.G. Crisci before writing, and his beginnings as an author

This blog begins a series of interviews with the prolific and interesting author, M.G. Crisci, the first of which will delve into his youth and earlier professional years, and what his motivation was to author his first book. M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 10 books based on true stories or real... Learn More

DATE: Sep.18.2017 | CATEGORY: My Books, My Life

It’s a Mad Mad Mad World! Thank you, Wells Fargo.

SUPPOSE I told you I was an “acknowledged” VIP Wells Fargo customer? SUPPOSE I told you I just closed a small Wells Fargo savings account to eliminate a monthly service charge that made no sense given the above? SUPPOSE I told you Wells Fargo made an egregious mathematical error and decided to refund me... Learn More

DATE: Nov.22.2016 | CATEGORY: My Life