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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

Save the Last Dance. Memory #38.
The Old Redhead

In the 1950s appearing on the number one daytime television show in America, Arthur Godfrey and Friends, could make an entertainer's career. Ruggedly handsome Charles Magnante, who was the standard by which accordion players around the world were judged, during the 1930s and ’40s. Twenty-one albums with Columbia Records, radio appearances on NBC,... Learn More

DATE: Jul.12.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Save the Last Dance: Memory #19.
The Cotton Club

Imagine two handsome soulmates—looking like a Vogue Magazine couple—dancing the night away at the Cotton Club in Harlem in the 1930s. Imagine America’s favorite romantic baritone, Russ Columbo, singing Save the Last Dance for Me, on center stage in front of a 25-piece orchestra. Imagine, the man proclaiming their relationship was... Learn More

DATE: Jul.12.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Save the Last Dance. Memory #2.
Fanny and Charlie. Circa 1915.

“Watcha doing, Charlie? asked the beautiful, 7-year old young Fanny with long brown curls flowing out of her straw hat on Mulberry Street in New York’s Little Italy. “I’m making you a picture, Fanny,” replied the handsome 8-year old Charlie, drawing a boat in New York Harbor on the sidewalk with... Learn More

DATE: Jul.12.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 1
Why did you decide to write a book about yourself?

Hang on a minute, the idea of the book wasn’t mine. It was my friend Matt’s. We met about 10 years ago at a heart-healthy support group. After everybody spoke, he said, “Why are you here, buddy.” I told him it was none of his business. He kept pulling my chain. Finally,... Learn More

DATE: Jun.25.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 4
How are you dealing with advanced Parkinson’s?

Now that’s a pretty stupid question! I just love spilling hot coffee on me when I pick up the cup. The Parkinson’s experience is like watching myself deteriorate in “living color.” Like all the tests God has given me, I’ve learned to adjust, except for the side effects of the mediation.... Learn More

DATE: Jun.18.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 7
Ever hear people say you have a peculiar way of describing things?

I never really thought much about the way I communicate verbally until my friend Matt said I spoke in “Arthur-speak." I asked him, “what the hell is Arthur-speak?” He tells me, “it’s a lot and not like a lot of things. It’s a rare form of dignified double talk.”... Learn More

DATE: Jun.11.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 11
What are your other fears?

That my father would kick my ass, my gambling addiction would return, and my pet snake would disappear into the woods. I also feared I’d marry an angry, needy woman—which I did. Most of that doesn’t matter much anymore—Dad died young, my money dried up from gambling, and I don’t drive much... Learn More

DATE: Jun.04.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 18
Are you afraid of dying?

I’ve been close so many times, I don’t even think about it anymore. When the time comes, the time times. In the meantime, I told God "you created one tough old buzzard, and I’m not going down without a fight". Even though I’ve won more than I’ve lost, my friends think it’s... Learn More

DATE: May.28.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Papa Cado’s Mailbox – Question 21
Did you really have 49 heart procedures?

The simple answer...yes. But, I’ve never much minded much because the operating procedures came with a lot of benefits. I wasn’t just some guy on a gurney, I was Arthur. All the nurses and doctors knew me by my first name. And, they always had my heated corner bed ready during the... Learn More

DATE: May.27.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books

Salad Oil King financial scams. Rip-off # 67.
How to steal $13 billion, get a 7-year sentence with two years off for good behavior.

The many white-collar scams of Alfonso “Fonso” Gravenese finally brought him to his knees. He hired the best lawyers money could buy, and built a simple defense. “Sorry about that judge. You got me.” Since nobody could prove that any of the people that disappeared on his rise to the top, and his... Learn More

DATE: May.27.2020 | CATEGORY: My Books