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“ I’m not afraid of dying, I’ve been close so many times. ” - Arthur “Papa Cado” Mercado

Papa Cado's Book of Wisdom

“God never gives people more challenges than they can handle.”

God gives a humble, ordinary man named Arthur Mercado a bunch of “little” tests: including 51 heart procedures, 32 stents, 36 cancer treatments, a five-bypass, 2 outer-body experiences, and advanced Parkinson's, among others.

Arthur passes every test with a smile and a wink, comforted by the belief that God will never give him more tests than he can handle. I had the honor of knowing Arthur, who passed recently at 72, peacefully, among family and friends, after 31 years of little tests.

Fortunately, he left a legacy for all of us. Arthur's way of looking at life was insightful, honest, and rift with a one of a kind wit. His unassuming little pocketbook is designed to carry with you every day.


“Witty collection of quotes from an ordinary man named Arthur "Papa" Mercado. You'll read this little book wishing Papa had been your grandpa. Delightfully amusing, threaded with the scary but true facts of life. R.I.P. Papa Cado.”
- San Francisco Book Review

“Wise, pithy, and profound life advice from a wise man who survived 51 heart procedures, two out-of-body experiences, and stage four Parkinson's yet never lost his sense of humor and love of life.”
- Manhattan Book Review

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