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After 71 years, the story of Roosevelt and Stalin’s top-secret mission in America is told

The entire story is meticulously chronicled for the first time in the new book, Project Zebra. Learn More


Deceased Russian and American commanders of top-secret, World War II mission, Project Zebra, to participate in Ghost Walk

“Much about Project Zebra has been lost in time, since the mission remained top-secret until early 2013…” Learn More

Project Zebra commanders to haunt Ghost Walk

Deceased Russian and American commanders of the top-secret, World War II mission “Project Zebra” will be among the ghosts haunting this year’s Historic Ghost Walk. Learn More

JULY 2017

Mathew G. Crisci Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s Who

Mathew G. Crisci receives lifetime achievement award for business, literary and social contributions Learn More

MARCH 2017

M.G.Crisci Featured on the "The Satirist"

M.G.Crisci’s play, “Donny and Vladdy” is featured on The Satirist, America’s Most Critical Journal Learn More


Amazon recommends new 5th edition of Call Sign White Lily

The 5th edition of Call Sign White Lily is available on Amazon! Learn More


America's Biggest Financial Scam Revisited….63 Years Later

San Francisco Literary Review calls it, “A classic tale of American crime, told by a master storyteller.” Learn More

JULY 2016

Project Zebra featured in article on

Secret mission in EC is topic of upcoming ‘Project Zebra’ Learn More

JUNE 2016

The San Francisco Book Review Gives Salad Oil King 5 star

The story of Alfonso “Fonso” Gravanese has all the elements needed to be a classic tale of American crime, and it spins out from a master storyteller. Learn More


MosFilms, Russia’s oldest and most successful film studio, has agreed to co-produce M.G.Crisci novel

New movie about a Russian teenage war hero links two countries at odds; a best-selling American writer and an award-winning Russian writer-director, and one of the world’s leading production studios. Learn More

MARCH 2015

M.G.Crisci is on Davidzon Radio!

American Author, Businessman & Cultural Activist, M.G. Crisci, speaks from the heart to Russian radio listeners around the world. (Part 1) Learn More


Two respected Americans meet with rising-star Russian diplomat in D.C.

Parties discuss the use of non-political, cross-cultural initiatives to reduce tensions. Learn More


M.G.Crisci is interviewed by RUSSIA NOW TV Network

American M. G. Crisci discusses the “How and Why” of his best-selling book, Call Sign, White Lily at the American Center in Moscow, Library for Foreign Literature Learn More


M. G.Crisci discusses books, spies and lies with the RUSSIA NOW TV Network.

American author and cultural activist, M. G. Crisci speaks with Russia Now at the American Center for Democracy, Moscow Learn More

JULY 2014

M.G. Crisci shares his transition from author to cultural advocate for greater Russian–American trust

“How and why did American author, M.G. Crisci, write a book about the most decorated female flying ace in Soviet history?” Learn More

M.G. Crisci shares his controversial views about the future of Russian-American relations on Russian Radio Station WSNR

Why was radio host moved to tears by the emotional story of 19 year-old Russian female flying ace, Lilya Litvyak? Learn More


Best-selling author calls for elimination of Russian cultural stereotypes

Encourages the Press, Politicians, Hollywood and TV leaders to join Learn More

M.G. Crisci shares his thoughts on Russia with Voice of America and the world in this exclusive interview

In his new book, Seven Days in Russia, the author tries to break the stereotypes and clichés by which many ordinary Americans still imagine Russians as bears with a balalaika and a bottle of vodka. Learn More


M.G. Crisci, surprises a Russian community with optimism for improved communications between the two nations.

An award-winning American with no Russian ancestry recently “invaded” Brighton Beach, New York, home of the largest Russian American community in the United States. Learn More

M.G. Crisci speaks at the American Center for Democracy and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Best-selling American author and cultural activist M.G. Crisci, calls non-political understanding critical ingredient in mutual trust during talks at the American Center for Democracy and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Learn More

Russian Cultural Center (Rossotrudnichestvo) in Moscow hosts best-selling American author and cultural activist, M.G. Crisci.

Discussion focus: how improved cultural understandings can lead to increased trust between the two world powers Learn More

M.G. Crisci, receives Defense Attaché Medal at the US Embassy, Moscow, for American-Russian cross cultural accomplishments.

How does the son of Italian American immigrants wind up receiving the Defense Attaché Medal of accomplishment at the United States Embassy in Moscow? Learn More

M.G. Crisci wins Russian Cultural Award

M.G. Crisci will be honored for Russian-American cultural contributions, along with three Russian dignitaries, at the annual Friends of Russia Board of Governors dinner on July 31 on Gibson Island. Learn More


M.G. Crisci launches Russian speaking tour. Advocates deeper understanding between Russians and Americans

Author Matt Crisci returns to Moscow next week to speak at the American Center’s Library for Foreign Literature and the U.S. Embassy about his bestseller Call Sign, White Lily and the need for Russians and Americans to better understand each other. Learn More

7 Days in Russia presents an old adversary in a new light

Bestselling Author M.G. Crisci Offers Rare Glimpse of Russia in Transition Learn More

M.G. Crisci honored by Russian Cultural Centre

Author and Businessman Cited for Cultural Contributions Learn More


San Francisco Book Review gives "This Little Piggy" 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This is no light-hearted read, but it is full of intense warnings and delicious schadenfreude. This is a tragedy in the classic sense, and it is exquisite. Learn More


San Francisco Book Review gives "7 Days in Russia" 5 out of 5 stars.

“If you never considered a trip to Russia, you’ll be really tempted after reading 7 days in Russia. This is a fascinating travelogue by M. G. Crisci. “ Learn More

JUNE 2013

Call Sign, White Lily author calls for East-West trust

Encourages Non‐Political Dialogue and Understanding Learn More

Call Sign, White Lily honors heroine Lilia Litvyak on the 70th anniversary of her death

The new edition of  bestseller Call Sign, White Lily marks the 70th anniversary of the death of the world’s first female ace,  Russian pilot Lilia Litvyak Learn More

Call Sign, White Lily re-Issued with enhanced content

Edition Marks The 70th Anniversary of the Death of Lilia Litvyak— The World’s First Female Ace Learn More


“Indiscretion” gets 4 stars from the San Francisco Book Review

If you want a fun, twisty mystery for travel during the holidays, I highly suggest it. Learn More


American Author Awarded Grand Prize for Editorial Excellence in Rossiyskaya Gazeta International Contest

“One American’s view of everday Russian Life” based on observations during this development of the critically-acclaimed book, “Call Sign White Lily” Learn More

JULY 2012

San Francisco Book Review calls “Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson Peale” one of 10 best books this year!

“Thank you M.G. Crisci for reminding me not to just a book by it’s cover. Glad I didn’t miss this gem!” Learn More

MAY 2012

M.G. Crisci’s speaks at the United Nations Book Club

One-Day-Only in New York City. An entertaining afternoon for friends and guests of the United Nations. Learn More

MARCH 2012

“Call Sign, White Lily” appears in the San Francisco Book Review’s March Issue!

The reader will be rewarded with a magnificent tale of patriotic integrity and characters that must be admired… Learn More