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Straight from my mind to your screen—here’s a collection of my thoughts, from the heartfelt to the odd, and everything in between.

I’ve joined the Board of Directors for the Russian Cultural Center in Memphis!

The Russian Cultural Center, Memphis, opened this past Spring on South Main Street with a specific mandate from their headquarters in Washington D.C.: bring a non-biased awareness of everyday Russian life and culture to Americans living in the eight-state southeastern corridor. To help bring that mission to life, I've been added to... Learn More

DATE: Sep.12.2013 | CATEGORY: My Life, On Russia & Ukraine | COMMENTS:

Wow! SF Book Review gives “7 Days in Russia” 5 out of 5 stars!

My new dual-language coffee table book, "7 Days in Russia", was just awarded 5 out of 5 stars by the San Francisco Book Review. At 11x13 inches, with 200 pages and over 157+ photos, it's a great way to experience Russia through my eyes...for better and for worse! SF Book Review wrote: "If you... Learn More

“Down Under”, Russian Style.

Many experienced travelers are aware Moscow metros are deeply patriotic, artistically beautiful and quite extensive. But since only one tenth of one percent of all Americans have ever traveled to Moscow, they are unaware of their cleanliness, efficiency, reliability and station depth. Station Depth you say, what is that? Stalin was among many... Learn More

DATE: Jul.16.2013 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine | COMMENTS:

The Moscow Going Home “Guarantee.”

Russians have endured much over the centuries—weather extremes, ruthless dictators, pointless invasions, civil revolutions, and such. As a consequence, they have become ingeniously self-reliant and confident they can weather any storm (figuratively). By contrast, a wimp like myself, is intimidated traveling around a country like Russia. The Cyrillic language is like Greek hieroglyphics... Learn More

DATE: Jul.09.2013 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine | COMMENTS:


30 Years Ago.

  On October 7, 1982, I walked into Ed Ney’s office, and told him I quit after 15 fabulous years at Y&R. He asked me why. I told him I wanted to get rich quick. It was the 80’s and every Tom, Dick and Harry was launching an IPO. I had met this Wall... Learn More

DATE: Jun.20.2013 | CATEGORY: My Life | COMMENTS:


100,000 books, Brighton Beach, Nika, Sergei, Tatania’s Borsch, 1,000,000 Russians and Me

Thanks to the amazing life of Russian teenage fighter ace, Lilia Litvyak, I’ve been invited to speak in a lot of interesting places from the United Nations to the Russian Cultural Centre and Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C. to the Aviara Book Club in Southern California. So it’s only logical, we should launch... Learn More

DATE: Jun.14.2013 | CATEGORY: On Russia & Ukraine | COMMENTS:

Call Sign, White Lily Re-Issued With Enhanced Content

I'm proud to announce the release of a new edition of Call Sign, White Lily—the heroic story of the world’s first female ace—Russian pilot Lilia Litvyak—on the 70th anniversary of her death. This new edition and a related website includes enhanced content and bonus material that offers new photos, videos and information on... Learn More

DATE: Jun.12.2013 | CATEGORY: My Books | COMMENTS:

50 Years In The Blink Of An Eye

To go back to Iona College, the little commuter college in the New York suburbs, where I first discovered I could learned to write was a kick! To be asked to return to talk about my roller-coaster life was an even bigger kick!! To hear my classmates, most of whom I hadn’t seen in... Learn More

DATE: Jun.12.2013 | CATEGORY: My Life | COMMENTS:

Lilia Litvyak meets her childhood heroes, Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Lilia Litvyak, the heroine of my book, Call Sign, White Lily, became fascinated with the idea of flying at the age of 12. A rather bold thought for a young Russian girl living in a male dominated society during the 1930’s. But, for those of you that have read the book, you... Learn More

One Hell of a Week at the United Nations!

Speaking before the United Nations Book Club about my efforts to do something that has never been done before by an American Author was a pretty cool experience. Naturally, since Call Sign, White Lily is about an amazing Russian female fighter pilot lost in time for 60 years, I thought the UN... Learn More

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