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"I have dreamed of creating meaningful literature since that first award as a newspaper reporter, many, many years ago. But life sort of got in the way. Business career, marriage, kids. None of which I regret. All of which have come with enormous highs and the obligatory lows."

Stories that matter…

Manhattan born M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of nine books based on true stories or real events in the genres of literary fiction, historical fiction and drama. Two of those books—Call Sign, White Lily and Seven Days in Russia—deal with everyday Russian life, it’s heroes and its culture.

M.G’s latest book, The Salad Oil King. A Tale of Greed Gone Mad, will be released this summer.

M.G. is also an internationally-recognized expert on consumer motivation and behavior, an award-winning journalist, and a thought-provoking pro U.S.-Russian social activist. He has been elected to Who’s Who in the World 21 times.

M.G. has spoken worldwide about the use of cross-cultural initiatives to improve Russian-American understanding and trust. Venues have included the United Nations, the Russian Cultural Centre and Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C., and the American Embassy and the American Center for Democracy in Moscow, as well as Russian TV, radio and newspapers.

Mr. Crisci is a recipient of the international award for editorial excellence by Rossiyskaya Gazeta for his books, editorials and blogs, and a certificate of achievement by the Federation of Russia for enhancing non-political communications between our two nations. He is the first American author to receive that award. He is also a founder of the Friends of the Russian Cultural Centre in Washington D.C

M.G. Crisci was also once an accomplished business executive with Fortune 500 Companies. He’s been elected to Who’s Who in American Business 19 times, is a nationally recognized expert on consumer motivation and behavior, and has lectured domestically and internationally.

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